Sunday, November 29, 2009

Cake toppers that match your style and make you smile

Choosing a cake topper for your wedding cake gives you an opportunity to further personalize who you are as a couple. Whether you want a traditional, ethnic, whimsical, contemporary or one designed to express the uniqueness of your union, there's a cake topper for you.

Having a beach-themed wedding? There are a variety of beach style toppers that will suit your seaside theme.

If you're an ethnic couple, select a style that honors your heritage. Interracial couples or same sex couples are also available. In fact, there are a variety of interchangeable figures so you can choose the race, sex and look to match who you are. Religious symbols come in a number of versions when you want to display your faith.

If you live in one of the more rural areas or are more likely to throw a western wedding when you get hitched, select a topper that's a little more country.

Maybe you are the sporty type or share a passion for a particular sport, you can choose a topper that tells the world that athletic passion.

You'll score a touchdown with guests with this football topper.

Did you score a hole-in-one when you met your golf buddy for life? You won't need a Mulligan if you choose this one.

Is your love of baseball going to make your marriage a home run? Show the world that you'll always be on the same team.

There's an auto racing design that says you've won the checkered flag.

You'll get a kick out of the soccer topper. Or maybe you just want to celebrate that you reeled in a whopper with a fishing cake topper.

Whatever your athletic or hobby pursuits, there's a fanciful wedding topper for you.

Are you the traditional, modern, whimsical, or romantic type, you're surely able to find a topper that will suit your style. And many of them are so beautiful that you'll want to display them long after the cake has been eaten and your flowers have lost their bloom.

These will more than top your cake because whatever your style these will always make you smile.

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