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VIDEO: How to Give and Wrap a Wedding Present

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Gift giving at weddings varies by culture. In some cultures, traditional gifts are rarely given. Instead money in the form of a check or a gift card to a store or a multi-use pre-paid credit card is given in a greeting card to the couple. This gift is given when the couple goes from table to table to greet their guests. The envelopes are generally then turned over to a trusted family member for security.

For other cultures, traditional gifts, often from gift registries, are given.

If possible, traditional gifts should be sent to the bride's home before the wedding so that the couple or someone else from their family or bridal party isn't required to have to transport the gifts from the reception site to the couple's home or a parent's home to await the couple's return from their honeymoon.

However, it's also not unusual for a gift table to be placed in a secure area of the reception venue. When setting up a gift table, but sure that it is placed in an area where a passersby can't just wander in and steal one or more presents.

It's also possible to send the gift to the couple after they are married and back from their honeymoon.

While etiquette says that you have up until a year to give a gift, in reality if you wait any longer than a week or two after the wedding to send a gift, you are putting the couple in an awkward situation should they start unwrapping presents and writing thank you cards. They won't know if you gift was lost or misplaced or if you simply didn't give one.

Gifts can be decorated in many ways, of course. This video shows just one way. Just try to put as much care into how you decorate your package as you did in choosing the gift.

The most important thing, however, is that the gift card either be securely affixed to the gift or it should be enclosed in the gift box itself so that there is no way that the gift card and the gift can become separated. It would be wise, in fact, to put a gift tag both on the outside and inside the package to ensure that the couple knows that the gift came from you.

Whether your gift is fanciful or practical remember that being a part of the couple's wedding and always being there for them and loving them is the greatest gift you can give.

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