Saturday, November 7, 2009

VIDEO: How to Make Sweet Wedding Favors

How to Make Party Favors for a Wedding -- powered by

In this video I used a pretty, pink Chinese takeout box that I bought from a dollar store. I used chocolate kisses because I liked the idea of using a "kiss" to thank the guests. But you can use any type of container, candy or other gift you like.

The colors used here were pink and green but you can purchase plain favor boxes in a variety of styles in stores or online. The Dollar Tree chain, where I bought the takeout box, carries an impressive line of favor boxes in a variety of styles that come in packages of eight or more so they're very affordable. Plain ones can be adorned with clip art, stickers, paint pens, ribbons and more to make them truly personal to your wedding or party.

Just a word of caution. If you are folding the boxes from these packages, be sure to glue or tape the bottoms so that if you put in something with weight to it, the packages won't come undone.

While I might have normally used some filler for the box, because of the type of candy I used, I chose not to use it. But if you want to fill up your container to use less candy or to make it more fanciful, paper shreds can be purchased in a variety of colors including shimmery foil.

Thanks to Panache, a Classic Party Rental Company, for use of their beautiful linens and rentals for this video.

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