Saturday, November 7, 2009

VIDEO: How to Plan Wedding Shower Games

Planning Bridal Shower Games -- powered by

Of course games are an important part of planning a bridal shower. Otherwise, the only activity would be watching the bride-to-be open her presents.

Some games, like the Bridal Bingo Game, featured in the video should be done at the beginning of the shower so guests can mingle and get to know each other.

Other games, like the bridal trivia game, can be played before the bride opens her presents or, if there's a large shower and many gifts, as a break in-between watching the gift giving.

There's also the ever-popular toilet paper wedding gown game where guests are divided into teams and are given one or more rolls of white toilet paper, tape and some pins and must create a wedding gown (and perhaps a veil) using only the toilet tissue, tape and pins on one of their team members. Then the bride chooses the design she likes best and that team wins prizes.

Another activity is that each woman there is given a piece of paper and she must write down a piece of advice about marriage or relationships in general for the bride. Then, as her gift is being opened, the guest reads her advice. The slips are then given to the bride or put into an album as a gift from all of the guests to the bride.

For a "Jack and Jill" or co-ed shower, several men line up (no male relatives, please) and, while blindfolded, each man, in turn, gives the bride-to-be a (respectful) kiss. The bride must then guess which of the men is her fiance.

A variation on that game is that several men sit in chairs and the blindfolded bride most feel a body part (an arm, face or a leg) of the men and choose which one she believes is her fiance.

Or, in the case of a same-sex shower celebration, adjust the games accordingly.

And don't forget to have one of the bridal attendants make a bouquet for the bride out of all of the bows and ribbons to be used at her wedding rehearsal.

Here's wishing showers of happiness to all the happy couples.

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